Employee Benefit Trust – Your Last Chance!

Extract Your Cash Tax-Free from Your Employee Benefit Trust – Your LAST Chance!

Since the use of employee benefit trusts (EBT’s) for most purposes in 2010 has been shut down, various legislation has made it almost impossible to avoid the punitive taxes that your trustees will pay at source upon extraction of your funds. We are now able to offer 2 solutions, both of which will probably not last long and one is only available until the end of March 2015.

Two Solutions

You now have just 2 Solutions:

1. We assist you in extracting your profits tax-free
2. We assist you in negotiating a settlement with HMRC (Ends 31 March 2015)

The first solution is preferable and we know that we are marketing the only solution in the market place at the present time and we will not be able to offer this for long.

The second solution may be one that you prefer as there it is a final settlement, although you will pay the tax, we can assist you in negotiating a better rate than if you were to approach HMRC yourself because we group clients together and the volume of cash within the EBT’s enables us to negotiate better rates for you. This option is however only open until the 31 March 2015.

Of course, there is a third option where you will extract the cash and pay all the punitive taxation yourself. These rates could be well over your level of income tax. If you do not choose one of the above 2 options, this will be all you will be able to do. Our solution will not last forever in an environment of continuing avoidance legislation.

If you would like to know more about extracting your cash from your employee benefit trust, contact us immediately here through our request-a-callback form. You can also email our expert employee benefit trust team at enq@thetaxexperts.co.uk or call 0845 052 3787.